My family has a rich history of people working with their hands, which certainly influenced my choosing to work with clay. In striving for balance in my life, I’ve found that working with my hands is a mental exercise that helps me realize a sense of tranquility. Through my work with clay I feel more connected to my surroundings and to the planet.

The fascination I currently have with both sky and earth grew out of my curiosity with Earth Sciences such as Geology and Astronomy. This interest has been continually present in my life since childhood from the geodes and rocks displayed in our home and the home of my grandparents. I now seek out opportunities to explore and investigate my surroundings to gain inspiration through natural sources such as constellations, timber, rocks, water, and land formations. These explorations inspire me with new ideas and materials to work with, like my recent attraction to lumber and aged timber. Utilizing a variety of forming techniques such as wheel throwing, carving, and wood working, as well as mixed media applications, I strive to create vessels that are man-made representation of earth and sky.


I am a studio potter from Sartell, Minnesota. I graduated from Moorhead State University Minnesota (MSUM) in spring of 2017 where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Emphasis in Illustration, Bachelor of Fine Arts with Emphasis Ceramics, and Certificate in Professional Portfolio Development. While attending college I received the Maxine & Gary Fasen Memorial Art Scholarship from Sartell High School in 2011, the David A. Wallace Memorial Art Scholarship from MSUM in 2015, and Mary Alexander Brumby from MSUM in 2016. I have assisted several businesses in the Fargo Moorhead area with different art projects. My studio is located downtown Fargo, North Dakota.